Pakoras with Mushrooms – Tibb-e-Nabawi

Pakoras with Mushrooms

اللهُمَّ إنّي أسألُكَ الْجَنَّة وَأسْتَجِيرُ بِكَ مِن النِّار

Pakoras with Mushrooms

Along with other top-ordered foods, it also became necessary to start this Ramadan with a unique Pakora recipe that was never designed earlier in this world.

We used 50 / 50 flours of whole Mung Daal & Black Eyed Peas (White Lobia), and we brought fresh Mushrooms, a special feature was that instead of water, the dough was made wet with Whey Protein of Cottage Chasse. Kalonji, date stones powder, Citron Zest (ohhhh I can’t hold myself), Sumaaq, Zeera, Coriander seeds, Coconut, onions, etc. were added as well.

The blessed Olive Oil was used for frying. You will observe that even the smoke of olive oil is different, by itself a cure indeed.

With Whey Protein & Mushrooms, the taste was incredible & no doubt that it was a recipe that was not designed earlier in this world.