Ice Cream without a Cream ~ A CURE – Tibb-e-Nabawi

Ice Cream without a Cream ~ A CURE

اللَّهُمَّ اغْفِرْ لي ذَنبي ووَسِّعْ لي خُلُقي وَطَيِّبْ لِي كَسْبي وقَنّعْْنِي بمَا رَزَقتَنِي ولا تُذْهِبْ طَلَبي إلى شَيءٍ صَرَّفْتَهُ عَنِّي الله أكبرُ الله أكُبرُ الله أكُبَرُ بسمِ الله عَلى نَفْسي وَدِيني، بسمِ الله عَلى أهْلي ومَالي، بسْمِ الله عَلى كُلِّ شيءٍ أعْطانِي ربِّي، بسمِ الله خَيْرِ الأسْمَاءِ، بسْمِ الله رَبِّ الأرْضِ والسِّمَاءِ، بسْمِ الله الذي لا يَضُرُّ معَ اسْمهِ دَاءٌ، بسمِ الله افتَـتحْتُ وعَلى الله تَوَكَّلْتُ، اللّهُ اللهُ رَبِّي لا أُشْرِكُ بهِ أحَداً

Ice Cream without a Cream ~ A CURE

Ice creams from the market are loaded with sugar, chemicals & artificial flavors, all of them have some E-numbers which are doubtful. Ice cream lovers should arrange it at their own kitchen, & some ice cream making machines are also available. But even for that version, you need a lot of cream whip which is not a healthy choice once again.

But if you want an Ice Cream without a Cream, Tibb-e-Nabawi fruits are the best choice.

We present a recipe which is free from chemicals, toxins, sugar & cream whip, & it is made with the most blessed fruits of this world. Major ingredient is TALH, the Bananas, with flavors of Pomegranate, figs, raisins, dates, Quince Preserve, Citron zest & finally honey.

You will need a food processor, pasta maker OR a twin auger juicer for mashing the frozen fruits.

Peel the bananas, seal them in plastic bags & freeze for 24 hours, you can also freeze other fruits OR use them very cold.

In a food processor, mash the fruits one by one & you will have a thick puree resembling almost the ice cream. Mix the puree well & add some honey on the top, freeze for two hours once again, that is all. You may use the mold cups for a serving size.

If you need the milk in this ice cream, then you will have to use some home-made cottage cheese, which is purified & processed further to obtain Khoya / Mawa.

For the ice cream shown in attached pictures, I used the Twin Auger Juicer.

Citron zest was the most wonderful taste, pomegranate seeds were crunchy under the teeth, Quince preserve was incredible, black raisins gave attractive color, dates were praise-worthy, figs spoke by themselves as Allah’s Swear, Honey dressed the entire mixture, what else do you need ????????