Broast with Olive Oil – Tibb-e-Nabawi

Broast with Olive Oil

اللهُمَّ آتِني الْحِكْمَة الَّتِي مَن أُوتِيها فَقَدْ أُوْتِيَ خَيراً كَثِيراً

Broast with Olive Oil

Broast OR deep fried chicken is not a healthy food, & when combined with Pepsi, French fries & a doubt for mechanical slaughtering of chickens, Broast scores as one of the worst foods of this world, by purchasing it for your children; you are putting your family on a terrible health threat.

So we begin with hand slaughtering of chickens with the 4 necessary veins, so that all the blood is squeezed out & the meat is free of toxins that cause inflammation & Auto-immune disorders.

Deep frying usually fails to cook the core, you just see the brown skin as properly roasted & you take out the chicken.

It is far better to select a non-stick pan & at low heat, cook the chicken with some vinegar (without any water) for 15 minutes, during which all the moisture evaporates & vinegar penetrates the threads, making the flesh soft & delicate to assist in frying.

Now apply Masala of your choice, Barley Flour or corn flour, add some vinegar again, dried Fenugreek leaves & do not forget to add half a teaspoon of Ajwain (Oregano), ohhhhhhh a splash of flavor.

The final mistake in broast is frying with vegetable oils, and those shops never change the oil so frequently, bringing more dangers to your health.

Our only choice for frying is the blessed Olive Oil.

With proper slaughtering, pre-cooking in vinegar, Masalaas with the beautiful spices & frying in the blessed Olive Oil, you will remember the BROAST forever.

Try your best to avoid restaurant foods & on-the-shelf foods by 100 %. Cooking in your kitchen is so blessed, it is neat & clean. The husband should assist his wife in the kitchen; to protect the health of children.