Breakfast # 3 – Tibb-e-Nabawi

Breakfast # 3

اللَّهُمَّ إنِّي أتَّخِذُ عِندَك عَهْداً لَن تُخْلِفَنِيهِ فإنَّمَا أنَا بَشرٌ فأيَّمَا مُؤْمِنٍ آذَيْيُهُ أو شَتَمْتُهُ أوْ جَلَدْتُهُ أوْ لَعَنْتُهُ فَاجْعَلْهَا لَهُ صَلاةً وزَكَاةً وقُرْبَةً تُقَرِّبُهُ بِها إليْكَ

Breakfast # 3

Breakfast # 3 is combining barley bread with Quince preserve (Safarjal) cooked in honey; a very healthy menu for heart patients. Safarjal was praised by our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam. Ibn Al Qayyam wrote

روى ابن ماجه في سننه من حديث إسماعيل بن محمد الطلحي ، عن نقيب بن حاجب ، عن أبي سعيد ، عن عبد الملك الزبيري ، عن طلحة بن عبيد الله رضي الله عنه قال دخلت على النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم وبيده سفرجلة ، فقال ” دونكها يا طلحة ، فإنها تجم الفؤاد ” (حديث ضعيف).ورواه النسائي من طريق آخر ، وقال أتيت النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم وهو في جماعة من أصحابه ، وبيده سفرجلة يقلبها ، فلما جلست إليه ، دحا بها إلي ثم قال ” دونكها أبا ذر ، فإنها تشد القلب ، وتطيب النفس ، وتذهب بطخاء الصدر ” . (حديث ضعيف)

Talha bin Ubaid Ullah Radi Allaho Anh narrated that I went to Rasullullah Sallallaho Alayhi Wasallam & he had a QUINCE in his hand, Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam said to me: Take it O Aba Zar, Quince makes the heart strengthen, makes the breath pleasant and relieves (removes) the burden of the chest. (Weak Hadith)(Nesaai).

Quince is cold and dry, constipates and benefits the stomach. Sweet quince is cold and dry and is somewhat mild. Sour quince constipates more than sweet quince and is colder and drier. All types of Safarjal quench the thirst, stop vomiting, help produce urine and constipate. Safarjal helps against stomach ulcers, hemoptysis (spitting up blood with cough), diarrhea and nausea. Safarjal prevents the ascending of gaseous material when one eats it after the meal. In addition, the ashes of washed Safarjal leaves and stems are similar to zinc in benefit.

Safarjal helps extinguish the yellow bile of the stomach. When the quince is broiled, it will become softer and milder. The best way to eat the quince is broiled or cooked in honey. The seeds of Safarjal help against dryness in the throat, the windpipe and several other ailments. Its oil stops sweating and strengthens the stomach. Safarjal jam strengthens the stomach and liver, and relieves the heart and the soul. تجم الفؤاد means that Quince pleases / strengthens the heart, & opens the coagulation (if available).

والطخاء للقلب is meant for darkness, like clouds or a sand storm cover the clear sky which is then un-seen, so Quince will do the same job for the heart, it will remove the blockage & the heart will be clear & healthy Insha’Allah.

Quince (Safarjal) preserve in honey + Barley Bread, a nice breakfast for heart patients