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Juice Therapy for Hypertension

بسمِ الله ذي الشَّأْنِ عَظِيم البُرْهَانِ شَديدِ السُّلْطانِ كُلَّ يَوْمٍ هوَ في شأنٍ ما شَاءَ الله كَانَ، أعُوذُ بالله مِنَ الشَّيْطانِ الرجيم

Juice Therapy for Hypertension

More than 40 % of world’s population suffers with Hypertension, the only reason behind this is wrong foods & wrong eating habits.

The blood is over-loaded with toxins, & hence Hijamah is the best treatment for cleaning the garbage. Furthermore, nothing else is more suitable than Tibb-e-Nabawi foods, herbs & the eating habits recommended by Sunnah, with 3 meals reduced to 2 meals only, breakfast & dinner & skipping the lunch permanently.

In addition, a simple juice therapy has shown quenching results for many blood pressure patients, we advised them to juice gourd (Yaqteen / Kaddu), Cucumber, Beetroot, a small piece of Ginger & adding some Vinegar, except parsley, all others are from Tibb-e-Nabawi. And it is our feeling that Yaqteen is the KING in this combination.

A friend called & reported his pressure as 160 / 115, we asked him to take a glass of this juice combination 3 times daily. He came back & was excited that the pressure dropped to 90 / 60, so we requested him to reduce the dosage as twice or once a day. A very cheep medicine brought quick results, & the medicine being natural, from Tibb-e-Nabawi, absolutely free of any side affects.

This juice therapy will also help patients with blood impurities, skin disorders, digestion problems, urinary tract infections, water retention, etc.

Quantities of ingredients are as under:

Yaqteen (Kaddu) : 1 ~ 2 pieces of medium size

Beetroot : 1 ~ 2 pieces of medium size

Cucumbers : 5 ~ 6 pieces

Ginger : A small portion (as per your taste)

Vinegar : 10 ~ 15 ml as per your taste

The above will yield 2 glasses approximately, take one in the morning & refrigerate the other for the evening. You may skip Parsley, as its juicing is difficult for the normal carrot juicer.

Juices of Gourd, Cucummber, Beetroot & Parsley


Gourd Juice is a true healing