Tonsillitis & Sa’oot – Tibb-e-Nabawi

Tonsillitis & Sa’oot

رَبَّنَا مَا خَلَقْتَ هَذا بَاطِلاً سُبْحَانَكَ فَقِنَا عَذَابَ النَّارِ

Prophet’s guidance on treating Tonsillitis and administering the medication orally

ثبت عنه فى الصحيحين أنه قال: خَيْرُ مَا تَدَاوَيْتُم به الحِجَامةُ، والقُسْطُ البَحْرِىُّ، ولا تُعَذِّبُوا صِبْيانَكُمْ بالغَمْزِ من العُذْرَةِ

In the Sahihain, it is narrated that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam said: “Hijamah and marine costus are among your best remedies; and do not torture your children by pressing their uvula to cure tonsillitis”.

وفى السنن و المسند عنه من حديث جابر بن عبد الله قال: دَخَلَ رسولُ الله صلى الله عليه وسلم على عائشة، وعِندَها صَبِىٌ يَسِيلُ مَنخراهُ دماً، فقال: ما هذا ؟ فقالوا: به العُذرةُ، أو وَجعٌ فى رأسه، فقال: وَيلكُنَّ، لا تَقْتُلنَ أَوْلادَكُنَّ، أيُّما امرأةٍ أصابَ وَلَدَها عُذْرَةٌ أو وَجَعٌ فى رأسِه، فَلْتَأخُذْ قُسْطاً هِنْدِيَّاً فَلْتَحُكَّه بماءٍ، ثم تُسْعِطْهُ إيَّاه فأمَرتْ عائشةُ رضى الله عنها فصُنِعَ ذلك بالصبىِّ، فبَرَأَ.

In addition, in the Sunan and Musnad (by Imam Ahmad) it is narrated that Jabir said, The Messenger of Allah came to Aishah Radi Allaho Anha and saw a boy with a bleeding nose and said, What is this?’ They said, “He is suffering from tonsillitis or a headache”, He said: “Woe unto you! Do not kill your children. Let the mother whose child is suffering from tonsillitis or headache scrub Indian costus (aloes) with water and then administer it to the child through the nose”. When Aishah Radi Allaho Anha ordered that the prescription be followed, the boy was cured”. [Ahmed, Al Hakim].

Abu Ubaidah said, “Tonsillitis is a blood related throat irritation”. It was said that tonsillitis is an ulcer that appears between the ear and the throat that especially afflicts young boys.

Administering scrubbed aloes (Qust al Bahri) through the nose helps against tonsillitis, which is essentially composed of blood related phlegm that accumulates in the bodies of young boys. Costus or Aloes tighten the uvula and pull it up to its proper place. Aloes (Qust al Bahri) help against other hot ailments. The author of AI-Qanoon stated that Costus, Yemeni alum and marjoram seeds help against tonsillitis.

The marine costus mentioned in the Hadith is the Indian aloes, particularly the one whitish in color, and it is sweet & has many benefits. Before, the people used to treat their children who suffered tonsillitis by pressing the uvula and sometimes affixing an object to the uvula. Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam disallowed this practice and guided the people to what is better, more beneficial end easier for the afflicted children.

Administering the medicine through the nose (Sa’oot) involves either simple or compound remedies that are ground and dried. Then, when warranted, the medication is administered through the nose of the afflicted person while he lay on his back and while his shoulders are elevated so that the head lay back. In this position, the medication would reach the head and extract the disease by sneezing.

Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam has praised using this method when there is a need that warrants it.

وذكر أبو داودَ فى سننه أنَّ النبىَّ صلى الله عليه وسلم اسْتَعطَ

Furthermore, Abu Dawood mentioned in his Sunan that our beloved Prophet used this method (Sa’oot) himself.