Hijamah Vs. Blood Donation – Tibb-e-Nabawi

Hijamah Vs. Blood Donation

يا خير من دفنت بالقاع أعظمه **** فطاب من طيبهن القاع والأكم
نفسي الفداء لقبر أنت ساكنه **** فيه العفاف وفيه الجود والكرم
أنت الشفيع الـذي ترجـى شفاعتـه **** على الصـراط إذا مـا زلـت القـدم
وصاحبـاك فـلا أنساهـمـا أبــدا **** مني السلام عليكم مـا جـرت القلـم

Hijamah Vs. Blood Donation

When people talk about the health benefits of Blood donation, it is similar to Venesection (puncturing of veins) which was called Fasd in old times. You can read the article Cauterization.

The difference between Hijamah & Fasd is the blood itself, Fasd (Blood Donation) removes fresh blood from the veins; while Hijamah removes the septic blood from underneath the skin.

FASD is helpful for diseases that are cured by extracting out the fresh blood, & those ailments are very few, but Septic blood which is the root cause of many diseases is only drained out by Hijamah. Ibn Al Qayyam wrote that “Cupping extracts the septic blood more efficiently than puncturing the veins“. A surprising fact is that the putrefied Hijamah blood can’t be donated.

Hijamah is superior to FASD in many aspects, a comparison of Fasd & Hijamah by observation is as under.


# Issue Blood Donation (FASD) Hijamah
1 Point of suction Taken out from the veins From underneath the skin
2 Smell Rarely has a bad odor Rancid & rotten with a bad smell
3 Color Reddish Reddish brown to black
4 Vision Negligible effect on vision Enhances the vision
5 Cholesterol Negligible effect on Cholesterol Reduces cholesterol, especially Triglycerides
6 Weakness Might cause weakness Induces freshness in the body
7 Migraine & Headache Negligible effect on Migraine / headache Head’s Hijamah is best for Migraine & headaches
8 Back pain Can’t reduce your back pain Reduces & eliminates the back pain
9 Cervical Spondylosis No effect on cervical problems At posterior jugulars is the cure for Cervical Spondylosis
10 Sehr, Jinn, Evil Eye Can’t break the spell of Sehr, Jinn or Evil Eye Powerful enough to crush spells of Sehr, Jinn & Evil Eye


Some medical experts recommend donation of blood for good health, & Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam recommended Hijamah.